Go Figure (2005)

Go Figure (2005)

I once gleefully discovered that I could count Double Teamed as a holiday movie. Heather and Heidi Burge have a New York basketball tournament that requires their team to play over Christmas. Similarly, a case can be made that Go Figure is a holiday movie. Let me explain…

Katelin wearing hockey skates, figure skating pink outfit, holding stick and helmet

The film, directed by Francine McDougall and written by Patrick J. Clifton and Beth Rigazio, opens by setting up the life of figure skater Katelin Kingsford (Jordan Hinson), who desperately wants to level up her skating. She is nothing if not persistent, so Katelin finds a way to train with top Russian coach Natasha Goberman. She must attend a boarding school on an ice hockey scholarship, as Natasha coaches figure skaters at this school. A little far-fetched, but this premise already provides wintry vibes. And even off the ice, skaters are typically dressed in long sleeves and look like they’re staying warm. Back at Katelin’s family home, her brother (Ryan Malgarini from Freaky Friday!) and a friend are seen playing outside with snow on the ground. In one scene, her mother wears a festive snowflake sweater.

Katelin's mom's festive snowflake sweater

The exact timeline of the school term is not clear. Katelin’s mother turns Katelin’s bedroom into a little workshop for her online auction business and mentions that she wasn’t expecting Katelin until a semester break. A school calendar is briefly shown in the girls’ hockey locker room, but even into the 25th-28th (days that school would not be in session during December), it looks like classes are still in session.

Still, there’s a bit of holiday evidence I never noticed until 2022: a Christmas tree. Yep. You blink, you miss it. Katelin is studying in what appears to be the library. A lovely tree is lit up in the background just as one of her hockey teammates comes to find her. There is no mention of Christmas, or of an upcoming holiday break. This movie was also released in June, not remotely being tied in with the holidays during its debut. But this tree was such a cool discovery for me, no matter what. 

Katelin carrying stack of books, Christmas tree in background
Katelin and Hollywood with books, tree in background

If you do watch Go Figure this winter, there are plenty of DCOMly things to ponder. How does it stack up for you among other DCOMs that center on winter sports? Katelin is a fierce competitor and actually finds a thrill in the sport of ice hockey. Where do you place Go Figure in the classic DCOM trope of characters trying to successfully multitask? Katelin faces an Olympic figure skating qualifier and a huge hockey championship on the same day. Is Katelin’s budding relationship with an assistant hockey coach totally inappropriate, or is he some kind of student assistant? Finally, where do Katelin’s parents rank on the supportive scale? It’s her mother who has the tougher exterior, and perhaps the higher expectations. She asks her daughter which decisions in life will make her a better woman.

Whatever you think, there’s no denying that the theme song “Go Figure” by Everlife is a bop for the ages, and this is great DCOM for the winter season. Happy holidays!

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