Bad Hair Day (2015)

Bad Hair Day (2015)

Bad Hair Day… a DCOM I had never seen until now! This film was directed by Érik Canuel and stars Leigh-Allyn Baker from Good Luck Charlie and Laura Marano from Austin & Ally.

Marano plays Monica, a teen who has prom on her mind. She’s been polling her website viewers on which hairstyle she should wear for the event. Monica accidentally mixes too many products into her hair and wakes up with a crispy mop as her new ‘do. She’s also ruined her prom dress and shoes after a steaming mishap. Since Monica’s mom left her years ago and her dad works all the time as a nurse, Monica is on her own to fix these problems, or so she thinks.

Bad Hair Day starring Laura Marano and Leigh-Allyn Baker

Baker plays Liz, a cop who got fired and is trying to save her reputation by thwarting the jewel thief who ruined her career. Liz shows up at Monica’s door because Monica bought the stolen necklace at a pawn shop. The teen doesn’t want to give up the accessory, so she strikes a deal with Liz: a day of errands, including a driver’s test and a hair appointment, for the necklace.

We find out about midway through the film that Liz was supposed to be guarding the necklace when it was stolen. She and Monica begin to bond over their weird experience. While on Monica’s driving test, the jewel thief (named Pierce) begins chasing her and Liz. That is disastrous, so they start arguing and discover that the precious jewels are in Liz’s car, which was towed by the DMV.

I began to wonder if this DCOM was at all inspired by Bejewelled, the jewel theft Disney Channel Premiere Film I watched in January. The thieves in both films have a penchant for kidnapping, with Pierce taking Monica’s father hostage until he gets the necklace in Bad Hair Day.

Problem is, Monica realizes the jewels accidentally landed in her friend Sierra’s bag earlier. Monica and Liz go to find Sierra and instead find Monica’s ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her with the mean popular girl. Boyfriend and mean girl end up in the lake for messing with Liz. But Liz and Monica finally find Sierra, retrieve the jewels, and rescue Monica’s dad from Pierce the thief, with a little help from the cops.

So, what about the prom dream that started this whole thing? Liz encourages Monica to go to prom and gives her a dress from the police evidence room. She also gets to wear the stolen jewels she just returned, which… doesn’t really make sense. It’s also weird that Liz goes to prom. She’s an adult who isn’t a chaperone. I’m not sure that’s even legal, but she gets away with it because they all call it a “police escort” and include the force. Oh, and Monica’s dad goes to prom.

At least Monica gets her hair fixed and wins prom queen. She’s also had lots of time during this unusual day to think about her future. “Whoever you are, it’s okay to be that person,” Monica says during her speech. Okay, that’s a good message. Monica also says she’s going to college at MIT and will miss her friends.

That’s a wrap on Bad Hair Day, which had its cute moments. If you’re going to watch it, maybe check out Bejewelled first so you can get yourself in the jewel heist mood.

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