Other Projects

Allison analyzed the DCOM Buffalo Dreams with friends Shane and Vicky on their DCOM Clubhouse podcast! Give it a listen, and be sure to read the hosts’ well-researched show notes:

DCOM Clubhouse, Episode 55: Buffalo Dreams

Allison has interviewed Shane and Vicky, too!

Shane & Vicky’s DCOM Clubhouse: A Place to Laugh, Learn, & Reminisce

Allison was a guest on Prime Conversations, hosted by Prime, the king of nostalgia. You will also love his other podcast, Prime Nostalgia Podcast. Here is Allison’s appearance on Prime Conversations:

Prime Conversations, Episode 3: I Killed Shirley Temple?!

Allison has collaborated with Jordan Holtzer of The Relunchables, a film/TV/pop culture nostalgia podcast. Check out podcast episodes she was on in 2020, and don’t miss the definitive DCOM ranking she and Jordan wrote:

The Definitive DCOM Ranking: Before High School Musical Changed Everything

The Relunchables, Episode 50: Top 10 DCOMs!

The Relunchables, Episode 32: “Horse Sense” (1999)