Valentine’s Memories

Valentine’s Memories

I don’t have a ton of memories about Valentine’s Day in relation to television or film. I love the 2010 movie Valentine’s Day and enjoy certain sitcom episodes about Valentine’s/love. But there aren’t that many specifics I can recall from growing up and watching TV on February 14. Weirdly, a Muppet Babies Valentine’s video is one of the only things that is standing out! Do yourself a favor. Watch the video.

A few thoughts: this song is 100% adorable and true. Rowlf is doing a good thing by reminding his friends that they are special. Everyone needs to hear that sometimes. I love the part where the Muppets’ faces go by on the paper hearts. The Muppets are great singing back-up, too. I want to invite all my friends over and sing and play the piano to tell them they’re special and that I love them…maybe next year.

I’m a little behind on decorating this year. Normally, I’d have put up a few heart-themed decorations by now. I’ll still do that, but I live in a very cold place and have been slow to take down my winter stuff since it’s going to be winter for awhile. When I was growing up, we’d always have a few Valentine’s-themed things around the house. My sister and I would get small presents and candy, and my mom would make this pink strawberry-flavored cake that I really wish I had right now. It was also a fun time because we have a lot of February family birthdays, including my sister’s.

Rather than watching Valentine’s programs at home, I mostly remember the hype of picking out Valentines for my class at school each year. Some of these were character-based, and some weren’t. I’m pretty sure we also made our own (or printed them off of the computer). I vaguely remember not being too excited when superhero cards would land on my desk, but I loved anything princess or Disney Channel. Remember the food? All those cupcakes and cookies and chocolates mixed with Hawaiian Punch…Perhaps those treats were my favorite part of the day! I know that they are now…well, maybe not the Hawaiian Punch. 🙂

The nice thing is, I don’t feel like my Valentine’s Days as a child were crush-obsessed. We had Candy-grams at my school that kids could send to friends or teachers, but those were mostly something my friends and I sent to each other. While the stereotypical romance aspect certainly existed, much of Valentine’s Day was about showing love to friends and family, too. I know it’s over-commercialized now and still was, to an extent, back then. I’m glad I observed the “holiday” as a child, though. The world needs more love.

While wracking my brain for sitcom episodes about Valentine’s Day (besides the Disney+ ones I just wrote about), Full House comes to mind. If my calculations are correct, there are six Valentine’s/Valentine’s-adjacent episodes. I think I’m going to rewatch all of them.

Season two’s “Little Shop of Sweaters” is the one with DJ and the royal blue sweater. This picture shows off DJ and Stephanie’s new fashion trend when they try to hide the fact that they stole the same exact sweater that Danny got DJ for Valentine’s Day:

Season four’s “The Wedding” (parts one and two) is Jesse and Becky’s wedding, conveniently airing right around Valentine’s Day and making the holiday their anniversary. Season six’s “The Heartbreak Kid” (in the trailer below) includes Michelle’s faux wedding to Steve. The IMDb description also adds, “Jesse has trouble with his new computer.” LOL.

Season seven’s “Joey’s Funny Valentine” is about Joey’s date who makes fun of the Tanners in her stand-up comedy routine. And season eight’s “Dateless in San Francisco” focuses on Michelle and Teddy as well as Claire (Gia’s mom) and Danny. Aren’t Teddy and Michelle the best?

To me, it makes sense that a sitcom so focused on the heart of family would air so many Valentine’s episodes. There are plenty of other love-themed stories, of course. One that would fit right in for Valentine’s is Stephanie’s wedding to Harry Takiyama in season two’s “Middle Age Crazy.” Danny’s dating craze in season five’s “Bachelor of the Month” also fits the bill, except for the part where Michelle feels abandoned and stows away in her dad’s car with Teddy. At least the kids get dessert out of it! All the pretend weddings, the real weddings, the gifts, the dates…these are efforts among the characters to love people and to be loved.

I hope all my fellow Full House and/or Muppet Babies fans enjoyed a little blip of good memories. If you observe Valentine’s Day this weekend or if you don’t, I hope you know that you are loved! ❤

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