90s Kid

90s Kid

What Is A 90s Kid? What Is A 2000s Kid?

Before sharing my post on 90s kid reruns, I suppose it would make sense to iron out what I define as a “90s kid.” Some people are real picky about this, believing that there is a certain cut-off for who can properly fit the category. I was born in 1994 and entered kindergarten in 1999, so some people might question my attachment to this decade.

The thing is, my memory goes really far back. I owe some of that to rewatching certain shows, reading certain articles about my age demographic, and doing other such things that help me suddenly visualize an episode, a book, a game, a conversation, something I had forgotten for a time. So when I say I’m a 90s kid, I really believe that. I have clear memories beginning at age 3. I think I know what 1997 looks like (captured by a toddler’s brain). It’s an awful lot of Barney and Friends and a canister of Planters Cheese Puffs. I guess you could recreate that scene today if you really wanted to.

If you ask me, I’ll say a 90s kid is anyone who has some memory of growing up in the 90s–at all. I’ll say a 2000s kid is one who may have been born in the late 90s but most connects with the first decade of the new millennium. And yes, I think overlap between the 90s and 2000s kids is a bright and beautiful thing. You’ll see that my Disney Channel quadrant of nostalgia primarily plays out in the 2000s, after all.

This topic/debate has been covered in the news, studied by the Pew Research Center, and mulled over by the young adults who are just trying to figure out who they are. If a Barney video from YouTube helps you find your way, I can relate.

via Nostalgia Central

Side note: Yes, I am aware that Barney is being rebooted as a live-action movie…

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