I’ve always loved writing, reading, and watching TV. It took me a long time to put those things together, though. While I still have a heart for fiction and classic literature, most of my reading material these days consists of actors’ autobiographies, television scholars’ research volumes, and other works relating to film, television, and media. I’m quite interested in what happens behind the scenes.

My articles online span a wide gamut of entertainment topics, but I rarely tire of writing on nostalgic television. I’d like to introduce the topics I’ve probably written the most about for ScreenRant: Full House and Disney Channel.

Disney Channel is a big category, but (like most millennials) I’m referring mainly to the shows that flooded the network with success in the early 2000s. I love those years and often wish I could go back to them. Full House is just as important to me, but I missed most of its first run on ABC’s TGIF since I wasn’t born yet! 90s kids were blessed with a relentless stream of reruns, so I got to know the Tanner family at a very young age. I learned recently that many Full House writers also worked on Disney Channel shows. Both entities offer the comfort and laughter that inspire nostalgia. There’s definitely more there to explore. Over the next several posts, I’ll unpack some thoughts on reruns, Full House, and Disney Channel.

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