Welcome to my website. Since October 2020, I’ve been putting my past foot forward. Here’s a bit of what I wrote when I created my very first home page:

What did you watch after school growing up? On Saturday morning? Friday night? Whose house were you hanging out at when a favorite episode or movie premiered? The questions go on, and many of us remember at least some of the answers.

I write about film and television across time periods and genres, but I gravitate towards anything nostalgic, and a lot of things are nostalgic for me. This blog will expound upon the very definition of nostalgia. I hope that it will bring us all closer to the best parts of our past while inspiring us to carry memories forward in a way that leads to a brighter future.

When I started my blog, I wanted a special place where I could write about my memories. Almost a year later, I’ve made so many friends and have bonded with them over shared childhood experiences and similar nostalgic interests. And like I’d hoped to do, I’ve dusted off many of “the best parts” of my past.

In the blog section of this site, I write on special topics and share my conversations with friends and fellow creators. I update that space regularly and stay active in the nostalgia community on Instagram as @pastfootforward.

What’s new this week: “Our Undying Love for Halloween on the Disney Channel” is now available on the blog. The article is a reflection on this wonderful time of year for DCOMs and special episodes. Check it out!